Effective Online Teaching strategies

If you want to be recognized in teachers of tomorrow, than being a teacher you need to focus on teaching and learning strategies together. This will enable you learn and apply effective strategies for online teaching. You should also read my article in conjunction of this article

We the teachers, really get tired after a whole day hard work making lessons plan, teaching, copy checking, giving more time to weak students.

These activities really make us tired but in such situation the good teacher brings her or his energy higher than usual to perform other responsibilities like family commitments and other social commitments.

I am by myself Accounts and finance teacher. Sometimes I used to feel that teaching perks are lower than any other professions. But over the period of time I realized different teaching strategies can make the teachers getting reasonable teaching perks.

This realization came after thorough research in the lock down when I did not have to go out for my teaching.


Before setting strategy of doing anything, you need to set your objectives first. Strategies are the ways leading you toward your objectives.

If you want to become a future teacher who will be getting good teaching perks then you need to adopt different teaching strategies to build up your skills which are professional skills of teacher.

Either you are a black teacher or a white teacher this will not make any difference. What makes difference is professional skills of a teacher.

A future teacher should adopt these effective teaching strategies :

  1. Understand the concept of distance teaching which we can also name as virtual teaching. This concept is way different then classroom teaching.
  2. In classroom teaching all the students are sitting right in front of you, where you can easily understand the mood swings of your student and you change your teaching strategy while you are teaching.
  3. But in distance teaching you need to be more prepared before you actually appear in front of your students. You need to plan and put your teaching content in very effective and in logically sequencing manner which will make your teaching content more engaging will help your students to pay attention. You need to adopt creative teaching skills.
  4. So understanding distance teaching or virtual teaching is the first strategy you need to understand.
  5.  One my friend is an American teacher. He is black teacher and we often discuss about various teaching methodologies as a tool for effective teaching strategies.
  6. He always emphasizes me to learn about ict in education ( simply use of computer and technology). The use of ict in education makes alot of difference for a professional teacher. Either you are primary school teacher, or college teacher or university teacher understanding the importance of ict in the education.
  7. You have learnt skills and get yourself educated in order to make it possible the use of ict in education. So this was the second strategy which will lead you towards having good teaching perks.
  8. The third strategy on this stand footing is practicing on teaching through online resources such as using your laptop or iPad or any other device.
  9. You can also research some best educational websites in order to know the best practices. For this practice you can teach from home to any of your student. You can also go for zoom online teaching while you are teaching from home.
  10. Try to maintain a good relationship between a teacher and student in online teaching, this can be achieved through interactive session. Encourage your students to ask questions.
  11. Give them some creative activities and assignments to make your online teaching more engaging.


Conclusion :

So always strive for becoming professional teacher by getting professional skills of a teacher. Do look for best teaching resources which will enable you to become best virtual teacher. you can work out on effective teaching strategies irrespective of the fact either you are a school teacher, a college teacher a university teacher, a black teacher or a white teacher. Because what can make you different is your creative teaching, your visiting on educational websites for teachers, your visiting on online teaching sites.

These altogether will create a hub of knowledge inside you and will assist you in executing best teaching and will bring a best teacher out of you who will be enjoying best teaching perks like I do.

Please feel free to ask your problems in comments box below. I will definitely help you in your teaching. let’s grow together.


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